Publishing Process

Detailing the book publishing process

To give you an idea of how book production works at Callawind, we’ve put together the production steps from manuscript to printed book. Note that we offer total flexibility so you can choose whichever service(s) you need for your project.


  • Manuscript edit: Our editor thoroughly edits your completed manuscript on-screen using MS Word's Track Changes tool (in the Review menu).
  • Author manuscript review: You review your edited manuscript, including all the editor’s questions, and input your changes on-screen using Track Changes.
  • Final manuscript review: Our editor reviews your final changes and incorporates them into the final manuscript—now ready for layout.

Design and layout

  • Design planning: After consulting with you on your design ideas, we present you with sample design mock-ups for your front cover and interior layout. We help you coordinate any photography or illustration.
  • Author design review: You review our sample designs and we tweak the designs as necessary. You provide us with text for the back cover and finalize all printing specifications.
  • Design and typesetting production: We lay out the front and back cover and the book text and images.

Proofreading and indexing

  • Author book review: You review a finished laid-out output of your book, with color proofs where required, and we make corrections where necessary (minor text corrections at this point are no extra charge)
  • Proofreading and indexing: Our editor proofreads your final, laid-out book and, where applicable, our indexer creates an index. We make final proofreading corrections and lay out the index.
  • Author sign-off: You review the final, laid-out book, including the index, and sign off on the book for printing.


  • Artwork preparation: We finalize and prepare all of your book’s digital artwork (as high-resolution PDF files) for the printer.
  • Proof production: Our printer reviews the files and generates a set of cover and text proofs.
  • Author printer proof review: You review all proofs, and sign off on the book for printing (note that any changes you make at this stage will be expensive and could cause delays in production)
  • Print production: Your book is printed.
  • Advance printed books: You receive 2 printed and bound books to review before the bulk shipment is released.
  • Book delivery: Your finished books are delivered to your specified receiving location(s).

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