About Self Publishing a Book

Self publishing a book is the publishing of a book and other media by the author of the work, rather than by a third-party publisher. As such, authors make all editing, printing, publicity, and distribution arrangements, pay for the costs of manufacturing and selling, and retain all profit from book sales.

In the last 20 years, self publishing a cookbook has exploded in popularity. Every year some 60 million cookbooks are sold in North America alone. Many self published cookbooks have gone on to become bestsellers,. Do The Joy of Cooking and Looneyspoons ring a bell?

Self publishing a book versus traditional book publishing

We are often asked what the difference is between book self publishing (where you publish your book yourself) and traditional (independent) book publishing (where a publisher publishes your book).

In a nutshell:

1) You publish your book yourself

As a self publisher, you are both the author and the publisher. In this case, Callawind becomes your production department—offering complete book publishing and printing services to help turn your manuscript into a professional high-quality book. You cover all costs associated with producing and printing the book.You have total decision control on all editorial and artistic aspects as well as all rights to and sales of your book.

2) Publisher publishes your book

XYZ Publishing accepts your submitted manuscript for publication. In this case, you are the author and XYZ Publishing is the publisher. XYZ Publishing covers all costs associated with producing and printing the book, and pays you an author royalty on each book sold (a percentage of the retail cover price). You may also receive an advance royalty payment upon signing XYZ’s publishing agreement. XYZ Publishing has final say on all editorial and artistic decisions.

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