China Book Printing

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We manage your China book printing from start to finish—from design consultation and quotes to shipping and customs brokerage. We also print books in North America.

Our minimum offset printing quantity is 3,000 copies.

Why China book printing?

The answer is simple. You will save on average about 40% for offset color book printing. Savings are especially significant if your book is a hardcover, 100+ pages, with coated paper. Also, the cost savings can enable you to make the book you want without having to cut corners. This is especially important for nonprofit organizations working on fundraising cookbooks. Printing will likely be the largest expense in your book self publishing budget. We recommend book printing in China if your deadline can accommodate a printing turnaround of about 8 weeks.

Why print a book overseas through Callawind?

The answer is again simple. We eliminate the risk by dealing directly with state-of-the-art book printers in China. You don’t have to put in the time researching Chinese printers yourself, then worrying if they will deliver the results you want. You don't need to deal with the language barrier, time zone difference, international shipping details, or customs paperwork.

Our standards are high and we guarantee high-quality color book printing. Several of our books that used China printing have won publishing awards, including the prestigious Tabasco® Community Cookbook award for New Albany Cooking with Friends.

Hard copy proofs and advances of your printed book

You will receive hard-copy proofs of your book before it is printed, and have the option of making high-resolution digital proofs if you wish. This is much preferred over on-screen proofing, since the colors will not be accurate on your screen, or even printed out on your laser or inkjet printer.

When you print books in China, you will receive 2 finished books for your approval before the rest of the books are shipped. That means no surprises when you receive the bulk of your books a few weeks later.

There are no restrictions on size, paper, or binding. Our China book printers can handle most any special requests, such as embossing, metallic inks, shrink wrapping, ribbon bookmarks, and box packaging. We can also quote on printing in China of booklets, catalogs, and magazines.

Printing a book in China with us includes:


  • consultation about your China book printing needs
  • quotes in US or Canadian dollars
  • printed book samples (if available)
  • prepress review of your sample PDF test file


  • dummy books made to spec
  • detailed printing schedule
  • production coordination
  • consultation on your final PDF artwork file preparation
  • color testing if necessary
  • cover template with spine measurement


  • one set of low-resolution hard copy proofs and blueline proofs for your approval before printing (included in your quote)
  • one high-resolution hard copy proof of cover for your approval before printing (extra cost)
  • high-resolution hard copy proofs of any text pages you select (extra cost)
  • wet proofs of your cover and/or text pages (extra cost; proofs are run on press for the most accurate proofing you can get)
  • new page corrections at the printer’s proof stage (included in your quote)


  • 2 advance printed and bound books couriered to you for approval (before your entire book order is shipped)


  • complete customs brokerage and customs paperwork preparation
  • email updates about the progress of your book printing
  • arrangement of a delivery appointment between you and the shipper
  • ability to use your own customs broker and shipping company if you wish

Looking for high quality custom book printing at affordable prices? Let us manage your China book printing. We will eliminate your stress, save you money, and deliver beautifully printed books right to your door.

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