Ebook Design and Layout

Ebook design and layout for Kindle Ebook Readers

When pixels replace paper, ebook design needs to adapt. 

The secret to effective ebook graphic design is to create a great screen reading experience. Your readers need to easily navigate through your content and read the text comfortably.

As with our offset and print-on-demand books, ebook cover design and ebook layout design are custom created for your project. We don’t work with premade or readymade templates. You don't have to fuss and fiddle with online tools. Your ebook design will be as original as your content.

Our ebook designer takes into account

  • backlit background
  • type of reading device (its screen/page size and orientation)
  • content and structure

Our general guidelines to design ebooks

  • people do judge books by their cover–even e-books–so we design ebook covers for plenty of wow factor!
  • we choose appropriately-sized fonts that enhance rather than take away from your content
  • colors can vary widely on different devices, but there are definite no nos, like blinding neon and using a typeface color that is too light
  • effective page layout means maximizing readability by using headlines and subheads, bullets, shorter paragraphs, more space between paragraphs, and ample white space

Once your ebook is designed, it can be converted/formatted for specific reading devices. We recommend converting your files for the Amazon Kindle (for Amazon customers) and ePub or ePDF for non-Amazon customers. 

We look forward to discussing our professional ebook design services with you.

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