Book Editing, Book Design, and Book Indexing

Book editing and indexing services

Callawind’s skilled book editing professionals have experience and a keen interest in their subject matter.

Book editing is done on-screen in MS Word using tracked changes. Authors can easily view book editor suggested revisions and questions, then input their revisions on-screen.

While keeping your writing style and thoughts intact, the editor’s main job is to:

  • remove unnecessary words
  • clean up the grammar and sentence structure
  • improve the organization of ideas
  • give your writing better flow and punch

Additional editorial services include:

  • Structural editing: reorganizing a manuscript for structure and content
  • Rewriting: creating new content based on research or input from the author
  • Fact checking: checking that all facts and/or quotes used by author are accurate

An editor really is a writer's best friend! For more in-depth info about book editing, read our two-part blog article about The Joy of Being Edited.

Cookbook editing

Cookbooks are essentially “how to” manuals about food. Your recipe ingredients and instructions needs to be clear and consistent. Our cookbook editor will review your recipes in depth to ensure that home cooks can successfully reproduce the dishes in their own kitchens. One vague instruction or missing ingredient can spell frustration and possibly disaster for the home cook.

In addition to copy editing, cookbook editing focuses on:

  • missing ingredients or instructions
  • confusing ingredient and instruction information
  • inconsistent or unprofessional organization of the parts of a recipe
  • missing or incorrect yield, oven temperature, and cooking time information

If you are self publishing and writing a cookbook, request our free eBulletin How To Self Publish a Cookbook.

Children's book editing

On the surface, a children’s book may seem easy to write. However, children’s book writing is a precise craft with its own set of age-appropriate guidelines for plot, character development, and language. Even the most seasoned children’s book writers benefit from book editing.

In addition to copyediting, a children’s book editor will focus on:

  • strengths and weaknesses in the story
  • general suggestions for improving the story
  • effectiveness of sketches or illustrations
  • suitability of the pagination
  • age-appropriateness of vocabulary

If you are a first-time children’s book author, think about taking a course or reading a how-to book about writing for children. Read current children’s books to find out what the trends are in children’s literature and to determine what works in terms of editorial tone, cover design, page design, and illustrations.

If you are self-publishing your first children’s book, request our free eBulletin How to Self Publish a Children's Book.

Book indexing

A back-of-the-book index helps readers find specific information quickly. A good index is essential to cookbooks. Book indexing is a challenging and we don’t suggest you “try this at home.”  Instead, it takes professional skill to wade through your book information and build an index that is clear, easy to read, and the categories easy to find.

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