Self Publishing Art Books

Page from The Floating World by the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Art books and art photography books fall into a category known as the coffee table book. Coffee table books continue to be a hugely popular literary tradition to showcase beautiful imagery.

Self publishing art books (and self publishing coffee table books) appeals to artists, photographers, and authors because you are in control of your work from start to finish.

Callawind can help you make a beautiful color hardcover or softcover coffee table book to inspire your readers. We work with the best overseas book printers to bring you superior quality printing at 30% to 40% less than it would cost to print in North America.

Our steps for success to self publish an art book

  • Review of all your images to ensure they are properly optimized for high-resolution offset printing and will reproduce well on press
  • Expert Photoshop retouching if necessary to make images publishing worthy
  • Image research and curation
  • Professional editing to tighten up grammar, sentence structure, and unnecessary words for better flow and punch
  • Original design that reflects your vision and perfectly tailored to suit your coffee table book’s feel and content
  • Award-winning art book printing / photography book printing / coffee table book printing by one of our high-quality overseas or North American book printing partners
  • Print on demand through Amazon CreateSpace and IngramSpark
  • step-by-step project management and customized production schedule
  • personalized client service
  • careful attention to all the details of your project

We provide custom coffee table book publishing quotes for whichever of our professional book publishing services you require. That means no confusing publishing packages to sort through. Only need a quote for art book printing? No problem. [Printing quote form].

Images rule in self publishing art books

If you’re going to make a book that relies heavily on images, they need to be instantly compelling. No matter what your subject is, your images need to evoke emotion and interest.

Be very choosy when selecting images for your book. Keep in mind that existing photos from archives or personal collections can be retouched in Photoshop if necessary.

Stock photography sites provides thousands of image and illustration possibilities and can work out to be a few dollars per image for royalty-free content. Expect to pay more for rights-managed images that are licensed to you for a particular use and period of time.

If you are taking your own photos, use natural light and set your digital camera to the highest resolution.

If you are arranging a photo shoot with a professional photographer, make sure that they have experience photographing the subject matter. Look at their past work and talk to some of their past clients.

We look forward to accompanying you on your art book self publishing journey.

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